2017 年 11 月 10 日 - NFT Ecosystem

Karma Ksana will develop applications in MicroService. It’s an efficient development method that preserves previous development experiences and builds its own micro-service resource library. By integrating the elements of MicroService, we will be able to develop our products more efficiently. Furthermore, it makes updating products easier by managing functions separately.

Another advantage of MicroService is its expansibility. MicroService can be used not only for internal development but also as a product itself. With a partial open-source approach, NFT can be a token that provides users with access to collaborate with other partners. To fulfill this goal, we will be taking the following steps:

First, Karma Ksana will build a substantial resource library to support our products. We are developing our products rapidly, efficiently, and with flexibility.

Next, we will collaborate with other projects and authorize their access to our MicroService resource library through NFT. By accelerating the development of different projects, we are building Karma Ksana a wider network in the market.

Furthermore, we will encourage other projects to contribute MicroServices to the resource library.
Together, we will optimize the development environment.

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