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2017 年 11 月 10 日 - NFT Ecosystem

Karma Space’s basic concepts combine every community’s content and improve SEO.

Karma Space will bring users with marvelous talents together and help all projects grow.
Furthermore, Karma Ksana will develop Metaverse and functional applications, such as DAO voting, lottery, user contribution ,etc. We will be constantly worling on ways to manage our community more efficient!

Building Karma Space involves three stages

It is necessary to build a solid community to accelerate the growth of Karma Genesis, which also builds the foundation for Karma Space.

Karma Space will first be a forum for Web3 projects. By gathering the content of different projects, it will be a competitive website for organic search and fixing marketing problems on Discord.

The next step will be to improve community management, such as DAO voting, NFT marketing place, etc., and to enhance the user experience in Metaverse.

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