Genesis: GameFi 2.0

2022 年 10 月 25 日 - NFT Ecosystem

Karma Genesis will create a new type of gaming ecosystem. Unlike buyout, reward cards, monthly subscription, and in-app purchase games, we focus on using the traits of NFT and blockchain in our attempt to create a brand new game development and mindset.

The grand setting of Karma Genesis provides the basis for various game development. Players only need to hold relevant NFTs to play, and they can easily buy, sell, transfer and rent these NFTs. With this mindset, NFT is not simply an item in the asset-based games, but a ticket to experience the entire Karma Genesis ecosystem. Its value includes experience qualifications, expected rental revenue, and the right to apply our development modules.

In addition, the NFT’s scarcity and collectible value are also the keys that affect its price. These are new ideas that people have not come up with while developing traditional games.

Meanwhile, we will transfer most of the game’s profits to the player community. Without the exploitation of most middlemen, the distribution of game value and profits will be more reasonable. The cost of playing will also be greatly reduced, so that players can truly possess the “game assets.”

There are three main stages of Karma Genesis’ development:

Stage-1: We are combining fun games with NFT Defi to realize PTE, helping investors profit while setting the foundation for a sustainable gaming ecosystem. During this stage, we will be improving our character settings, game world background and art designs.

Stage-2: We are looking for the opportunity to work with potential studios and independent teams that could assist Karma Ksana in the creation of blockchain games, support Karma Genesis in the wide application of NFT utilities set during the previous stage and, at the same time, ensure that our development module not only conforms to microservice applications but also directly contributes to the game ecology.

Stage-3: At this stage, we will create a game ecosystem that centers on players. By making full use of our NFT rental system, developers’ contributions, and the permission access design, we have the confidence to create business value and ensure sustainability for Karma Genesis NFT.

The design of the hero NFT in Karma Genesis is drawn from mythology and history all over the world. Compelling stories await players to explore. The rarity of the NFT determines the basic ability value of the hero in the game. The game’s core will be developing a hero to form a powerful team and obtain higher rewards.

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