2017 年 11 月 10 日 - NFT Ecosystem

The PFP (profile picture) project has grown to become a major representation of NFTs in the market. Lots of celebrities are collecting blue chip PFPs to emphasize their social status.This phenomenon has kept us wondering what the essence of PFP is.

Karma Ksana believes that PFP can be presented in a much more exciting way. Our PFP project combines mutable NFT and identity verification technology so that people can immediately know your contributions to the Web3 community according to your dynamic profile picture.

Nevertheless, by verifying identities and connecting social media accounts to their respective wallets, Karma Ksana’s PFP can be a DID proof to the Web3 field. Imagine a PFP that not only represents your identity and status in Web 3 but also verifies your social media account. Isn’t that interesting? All the boasting, exaggeration, fake information will be evident and excluded. We will see if those celebrities are the real deal.

We are still planning and designing our Karma Ksana PFP and will continue to reveal more details in the near future. Stay tuned for our new updates!

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