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2017 年 11 月 10 日 - NFT Ecosystem

The $KMK token is the core of Karma Ksana.

$KMK, Karma Ksana’s governance token, is not only the core of the community’s operations but also members’ primary income source!  We will issue 50,000,000 $KMKs in total. Distribution details are as follows.

$KMK Token

With $KMK tokens, which represent the governance of DAO, you are able to :

NFT Staking & Rental System

By staking NFTs, holders will get extra rewards such as $KMK token rewards, airdrops, revenues generated in our rental system, so on and so forth.

The NFT rental system is designed to loan NFTs based on liquidity pool.

The rental platform will set the rental price by {Number of needs, Number of NFT functions, and Price of NFT}. After receiving the rental fee, it will be distributed equally to NFT holders who agreed to loan NFT functions. This also makes evaluating profit easier.

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