2022/10/01-Development Log

2022 年 10 月 1 日 - Latest News

1. Releasing more content on social media (Please head over to our Discord channel, “👁|viewpoint” for details!)
2. Completed calculating Member Points Records on https://karmaksana.pse.is/membership-pts (Please let us know if you have any questions)
3. Redesigning our Discord channel
4. Published our weekly news in Chinese
5. Published new content for our Youtube channel ( https://youtu.be/@karmaksana)

Core team:
1. Connecting and negotiating with institutions for private placement (So far, we have successfully found some investors!)
2. Welcomed two Smart Contract Developers and a Frontend Developer to our team (Currently, there are 31 members in our core team)

Game development:
1. Conducting more NFT artworks while fine-tuning character settings
2. Releasing our background music shortly (drumroll please)

Web development:
1. Launching the Karma Ksana guide website: Karma Ksana 指南網站:帶你入門區塊鏈知識
2. Built and tested the API function of the Membership System

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